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2021 NFL Panini Legacy Hobby Box Random Team Break

Hosted by: @slabstat
Football: NFL (32-teams) - Football
Random Team
Wednesday, Jun 09, 2021
19:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-07)

How do I buy direct?

What is the Break time?
We will break on or around Wed, June 09, 2021 at 7:00pm PT

What are we breaking?
1 x 2021 Panini NFL Legacy Hobby Box
8 cards per pack x 16 packs per box = 128 cards

What am I buying?
With your purchase, you are receiving 2 random teams.
There is a total of 16 slots of 2-teams per slot = 32 NFL teams

How much is shipping?
FREE via USPS First Class Mail

# Team Buyer
1 Minnesota Vikings William P
2 Los Angeles Rams Adam M.
3 Carolina Panthers Jack D.
4 Seattle Seahawks Ryan M
5 Tennessee Titans Ryan M
6 Las Vegas Raiders Walter K
7 Denver Broncos Nick C.
8 New York Giants Ryan M
9 Green Bay Packers Nick C
10 Indianapolis Colts Quincy L
11 Cleveland Browns Quincy L
12 Buffalo Bills Quincy L
13 Chicago Bears Walter K
14 Cincinnati Bengals Ryan M
15 Philadelphia Eagles William P
16 New York Jets William P
17 Atlanta Falcons Jon O
18 Washington Football Team Quincy L
19 Dallas Cowboys Quincy L
20 Detroit Lions Jack D.
21 Jacksonville Jaguars Adam M.
22 Houston Texans Jon O
23 New Orleans Saints Jon O
24 San Francisco 49ers Ryan M
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jack D.
26 Los Angeles Chargers Ryan M
27 New England Patriots Quincy L
28 Miami Dolphins Quincy L
29 Arizona Cardinals William P
30 Kansas City Chiefs Jack D.
31 Baltimore Ravens Quincy L
32 Pittsburgh Steelers Jon O