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Hosted by: @slabstat
Basketball: NBA (30-teams) - Basketball
Saturday, Jun 19, 2021
12:52 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-07)

This Break Contains 3 Boxes
(1) 2020 Revolution Basketball CNY Hobby Box - 60 cards
(1) 2020 Prizm Collegiate Draft Blaster - 28 cards
(1) 2020 Donruss Blaster - 88 cards
***One of the 15 spots will be randomly chosen to receive a freebie*** Either a Donruss fat pack or a rookie relic or Auto card **
, THE TEAMS WILL BE RANDOMIZED. YOU WILL GET 2 NBA TEAMS FOR $30.00 which includes shipping (USA shipping only)
No cards pulled from your team? You will receive some free cards from our collection. Everyone always gets cards with us !
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Payment: Your payment must be made 3 hours BEFORE the scheduled break time *PLEASE NO NOTES ON PAY-PAL JUST WRITE "SLABSTAT" ONLY*

# Team Buyer
1 New Orleans Pelicans joe
2 Atlanta Hawks bob
3 Boston Celtics may
4 Brooklyn Nets mary
5 Charlotte Hornets steve
6 Chicago Bulls john
7 Cleveland Cavaliers jack
8 Dallas Mavericks paul
9 Denver Nuggets peter
10 Detroit Pistons rob
11 Golden State Warriors randy
12 Houston Rockets rich
13 Indiana Pacers robert
14 Los Angeles Clippers rick
15 Los Angeles Lakers pam
16 Memphis Grizzlies mat
17 Miami Heat matt
18 Milwaukee Bucks matty
19 Minnesota Timberwolves jos
20 New York Knicks joesph
21 Oklahoma City Thunder fab
22 Orlando Magic mac
23 Philadelphia 76ers mark
24 Phoenix Suns marc
25 Portland Trail Blazers missy
26 Sacramento Kings mam
27 San Antonio Spurs rep
28 Toronto Raptors tim
29 Utah Jazz tam
30 Washington Wizards tin